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K12 Schools, Jaipur is a Co-educational school spread across 9.5 acres lush green campus offering CBSE curriculum.
School is defined by its strong emphasis on 21st century learning and value based education to equip students to identify their interests and develop a global mindset. International associations of school empower the teachers to be contemporary in their approach towards teaching and learning and make students lifelong learners.


State-of-the-art 9.5+ acres of sports campus in the lap of nature. Incubating modern facilities to nurture learners.


  • International Exposure
  • A global learning platform
  • Sports Opportunities


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  • School Achievements
  • Students Achievements




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Students coming together from 50+ countries all over the world in K12 Schools.


21st Century Learning


AI-Enabled Learning

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General Science Lab


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K12 Schools Advantage

K12 schools provide children with a variety of benefits that might help them excel academically and socially. For starters, new infrastructure and amenities allow students to learn in a relaxing and dynamic setting. Second, tinkering laboratories allow kids to explore with new technology, increasing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Finally, sports programmes assist children in developing teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness, all of which are important for overall growth. Fourth, safety and security precautions ensure that students can concentrate on their studies without being concerned about their safety.




K12 Schools give you a blend of Native pride and global awareness fostered by a good combination of modern infrastructure and facilities.

Gardens and structures that have been lovingly maintained provide inspiration all year round. On the 9.5-Acre K12 Schools campus, historical facades collaborate with cutting-edge technology to create a learning ecology that encourages academic achievement and nourishes an individual’s social, emotional, physical, and moral dimensions as well. We have envisioned a learning segment for each dimension that deepens the feeling of self and the necessary toolset to perfect the particular ability. Each program is meant to give students a choice in which to pursue their interests. The seamless integration of co-curricular learning with the academic curriculum at K12 Schools is its key feature.


We believe that hands-on learning is the most effective way for students to understand complex concepts and develop critical thinking skills at K12 Schools Jaipur. That is why we established Tinkering Labs, which are designated areas for students to investigate and experiment with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts.

Our Tinkering Laboratories are outfitted with cutting-edge tools and technology that enable students to engage in hands-on, problem-solving learning. From designing and building their own prototypes to programming robots and creating computer simulations, students are encouraged to explore their interests and develop skills that will prepare them for the future.

Our experienced team of educators and STEM professionals collaborate closely with students to guide them through the learning process. They inspire students to ask questions, explore, and work with one another to find solutions to real-world challenges.


The sports program at K12 Schools Jaipur is based on the belief that engaging in sports and activities gives students great chances for character development, studying, and developing skills that prepare our student-athletes for life. We assist students at all levels, including exceptional athletes and those who can benefit from connections to outside sports groups and associations.


K-12 Institutions The 9.5-acre campus in Jaipur offers excellent facilities and practices for sports events and competitions both locally and globally.

Proposed Sports Tie-Ups
Cricket, Basketball, Football, Lawn Tennis, Swimming Pool, Badminton, Athletics Field, Horse Riding & Other sports, Delhi Capitals, Biachung, & Others 


The well-being of a student is of prime importance in our school.
All corridors and strategic areas are under CCTV surveillance with access to the respective heads and Security center.

Fire Safety:

Regular Fire drills
Training imparted to all teachers
Timely up-gradation of all equipment


K12 School Campus

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